Our ballroom has seen many events and when you are inside of it, you almost can feel, how many beautiful festivities have taken place here. It doesn´t matter, if it is a company party, a jubilee or a classy wedding party: every event, that took place in our ballroom, did gain of the charm and the ambience of the hall and therefor could become a great festivity. To us, the team of Kontrast Events in Berlin, it is important, to take care of a great atmosphere, that can transfer to your guests and yourself. That´s why, we want to counsel you professionally, but don´t forget to keep it personal. We are proud of our competence and our reliability.

Our ballroom get booked especially for wedding parties, but we are also used to a bigger birthday or a circumzision party. Many bridal couples had unforgettable moments and could spend their most beautiful day of ther life here. We are happy about that, for your joy is our mission.

Are you looking for an exclusive location for your celebration in Berlin? Our ballroom in Kontrast will convince you. We are open to all your wishes and take care, that your guests will feel at home. We arrange festivities of every kind and in every size. You can spend a festive evening with up to 1000 people in the atmospheric ambience of our ballroom. There you can pamper all of them down to your whim. Serve your guests a exquisite dinner, we have prepared for you. You can also take care of the dinner yourself and use our kitchen for your own creations. We also design a personal decoration und care about the music and the moderation. You also may plan and organize your wedding yourself. We support you and let you use everything, we have built up in Kontrast.

According to the size of the room, you want to rent, we have different prices and special offers. Take a look to our prices and ask as anything here. You can also ask for cheaper offers on certain days, for you can really save money that way. Especially, if you want to party with lots of people, it makes sense, to compare our prices with other locations. You will be surprised.

We have a sufficient amount of parking spots around our location und are easy to reach with public transport. Check the information concerning the way to us and assure yourself, how easy it is, to come to Kontrast.

We are looking forward to your celebration!