The baptism is a Christian ritual, that serves as an instrument to incorporate candidates into the Christian assembly. Sometimes a baptism means a public profession of faith. The baptism is done by dousing the candidate with water. It is also possible, to baptise someone by dipping him completely into the water. Thereby a baptism verdict is spoken.

The celebration of a baptism is a fixture in the history of Christianity. Even Jesus got baptised early on by John the baptist and afterwards he celebrated this with all his followers. Presumably the eastern shore of the Jordan river was the place, where John baptised his candidates. By this ritual he turned the people into complete members of the new Christian belief. Jesus, too, was part of this.

Today the christening still is a popular festivity. The relatively young child wears a white dress and gets doused with water by the priest. Through that the kid becomes part of the congregation. The subsequent baptism celebration is a especially beautiful party.

Baptism Celebration at Kontrast

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