The christening is a christian rite, that is either understood as a public profession of faith or serves as a form of incorporation into the community of Christians. Thereby the candidate for baptism gets doused with water or even dipped into the water. Additionally a baptism verdict is said.

The christening of a Christian is a fix ritual in the history of Christianity. Very early at the beginning of Christianity Jesus got baptised by John the baptist. Subsequently Jesus celebrated his baptism with his followers. The christening of Jesus is told in detail in the New Testament.

John the baptist probably baptised his candidates on the eastern bank of the Jordan and thus made them by baptising to complete members of the new belief, to which Jesus himself belonged. Today the baptising of an adult has become rare. There are still some, but it is more common to have your child get baptised as a nursling or baby. Usually you will have your kid baptised a couple of months after its birth. The relatively young baby in a white dress gets doused with water by the priest and thus becomes part of the Christian community.

Christening in Kontrast

You can have the christening of your child in the halls of the event location Kontrast. After the baptism in the church you can celebrate here very intimately and comfortably, but big and solemnly as well. Maybe you are going to get baptised yourself and want your own baptism celebration to become a joyous festivity and have the whole congregation take part. In that case, why don´t you celebrate a happy baptism party with all the members of the congregation?

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We are looking forward to your baptism celebration.