Like every other year at Christmas time many companies and firma are making preparations for their Christmas celebration in Berlin. It is not that easy to organise a party again and again, that shall be festive, contemplative and adequate for Christmas, but that won´t get boring. If you want to try something new and get a different side out of the usual event, you could host your annual Christmas celebration at Kontrast in Berlin. For here in the halls of a former discotheque you will find an unusual and different ambiance for your event. That will give your Christmas celebration in Berlin, that you experienced often enough, a colourful, new note. 
To make sure, it can get Christmassy nevertheless, we provide a festive decoration and the adequate, contemplative music. In order that your presents will not be forgotten at your Christmas celebration in Berlin, you could book our Santa Claus, who will give presents to your employees and also have some wise words for their future. You know, the things Santa Claus says, will stay in mind. 
There are numerous possibilities to make your Christmas celebration in Berlin something very special. We would like to make your wishes and suggestions real. Our service team consists of trained staff and everyone has a lots of experience in events. They will take care of your employees and are always ready, to fulfill their wishes. Create your Christmas celebration individually after your wishes. 

We have rooms in different sizes at our location, depending on how big your staff is and how big you want to party. Will you bring the whole company or celebrate just with your department? No matter what, at Kontrast there is always enough place for everyone. 
With our history as one of Germany´s biggest discotheques we have a vast experience, when it comes to dance events. But we can also offer a festive atmosphere for a contemplative Christmas celebration in Berlin. Surprise every single employee with a Christmas celebration, that is a little different. We are looking forward to your party like a binch of Santas. 
Have a look at our prices and be surprised, how low-cost we can offer our halls. We take care of your wishes and make your christmas celebration to a party, that your colleagues will remember for a long time. We look forward to your visit and your questions via our contact form.

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