The celebration of the circumcision is a common ritual in many cultures. It is estmated, that 25 to 33 % of the male population of the world are circumcised. The circumcision usually has religious or cultural reasons, sometime it is indicated medically. 
It is supposed, that the ritual of the circumsion of the male penis has been executed since the Stone Age. It has been part of the cultural life of Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Aboriginees and numerous nomad tribes in northern and eastern Africa, too. Today mostly Jews and Muslims let circumcise their sons for religious reasons. 

Brit Mila 

In the Jewish Culture a boy gets circumcised on the eighth day after his birth. That´s what the Thora requests. This ritual goes back to the ancestor Abraham, who did it first. The circumcision celebration symbolizes the union between God and his chosen people. 

Circumcision in Islam

Circumcision PartyIn the Quran the circumcision ist not mentioned explicitely, but has become a integral part of Islam and the affiliation to the religion. It is a sign of being a Prophet, that the prophets have been born without a foreskin. Muslims execute the circumcision as a symbol of belonging to the muslim religion in the infancy until the boy´s 13th year. Turkish muslims also perform the circumcision in the late infancy. The circumcision celebration is called Sünnet and usually gets celebrated as a big festivity. 

All cultures use the circumcision as an initiation ritual for the acceptance of the boy into the community of the adult men. Therefor he must show courage and force, when the circumcision is executed in the kid´s teenage. Only thereby he becomes a member in the circle of men. 
The celebration of circumcision and thereby the acceptance of the kid into the male world is reveled traditionally as a big festivity with the whole family and all the friends. Everybody shall witness this special experience. A circumcision party therefore gets celebrated with dozens of friends usually. And you can dnace at that event, too. 

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