The anniversary of the founding of your company is a special event. Have passed ten, twentyfive or maybe just three years since then? Are you active for the company in second or third generation? It doesn´t matter how long your company exists, a jubilee should be celebrated adequately. In the midst of all the hectic of day to day work, the celebration of a company jubilee can be an opportunity to look back into the history. Do you still remember how everything started out? At the company´s jubilee celebration you can remember all of that with your companions.

Everyone, who has been part of a company, knows: every company can only beas good, as the people, who run it. A single contributor can make the difference and therefor it is important, that everyone knows, that he is an important factor. At a company jubilee you can thank each and everyone and show, that you appreciate his or her work.

A jubilee is the appropriate surrounding, to bring joy to your staff by giving them a special present. Take your time choosing, for a interesting present will delight your coworkers at home and maybe even deepen the relationship to your firm. For the staff of your company this day is something special, too. To them their employer is a central factor in their life. And for many of them it is sure, that they spend a lot of time in your business. A company jubilee is a great opportunity to thank them for their work. Eventually the business lives through all the energy, that every employee invests daily. That should be valued regularly.

But you should also invite your customers, long companions, friends and benefitters of the company to the jubilee. A jubilee party is the right moment, to accept all the congratulations of all the people, that attend your company since its foundation. Surely these folks will remember many stories about your firm, that you forgot about after all those years. If you offer a guestbook, some of them will be written down.

So, with a little planning and foresight you can make the event of you jubilee to something very special. Kontrast in Berlin provides the perfect stage for that. Besides rooms in different sizes we also offer our variety of food and drinks. Of course we have the adequate surrounding for all the speeches and presentations, too. With our experience in event management we can help with the development of your jubilee. Tell us your wishes with this contact form and we will make your company jubilee a unforgettable event.