If a year is coming to its end, many companies celebrate a company party, where all the employees can spend a beautiful evening with eayh other. Having dinner together, talking, laughing, maybe even dancing and of course there will be one or another glass of wine. The usual concept of a company party is well known and practiced. But there are other possibilities, than just inviting other colleagues and have a party with them. We, the team of the eventlocation Kontrast, would like to enrich your party with some new ideas.

For all the non-Berliners a sightseeing tour through the capital at the Spree could be a real highlight. Enjoy all the sights and maybe visit the Fernsehturm on Alexanderplatz or the Reichstag, befor you start off the event in the evening. A cruise on a boat is always something special, too. You get a different view of the city that way. It´s a treat, to watch people in the city from the ship´s deck.

Company Party BerlinA journey into the Spreewald can make a company party into an unforgettable experience, that your employees will remember for a long time. Take your colleagues into the beautiful nature on the border of Berlin and get to know your staff differently. Also, a trip like that into the green woods can enhance everybody´s motivation. After a day spent together you can eat and drink and talk about the day´s events.

The location Kontrast Berlin offers its rooms to every firm and every company for that opportunity. May it be your christmas party, the summer feast, an anniversary celebration or just the annual company party: at Kontrast all your personnel can have a relaxed and jolly evening. If it´s the end of a stressful year of work in your company, maybe this is also the right time, to thank your staff and even grant some awards.

If you plan a celebration for your company, that needs to be something extraordinary, Kontrast is the ideal venue. According to the size of your corporation we offer different rooms. You can have a smaller celebration or you can have it big. You can even combine several rooms, so you can invite up to 6000 people. That could a party, you didn´t experience yet. At our location you have the freedom to arrange everything, as you like it. Do you want a proper dinner or only some fingerfood, small snacks and appetisers? Do you want your people to dance afterwards or just have them relax in a calm atmosphere? With us you have the wide range of different choices and we would like to help you, finding the most suitable things.

Just have a look at our prices and get in contact with us. We can help with all your wishes and questions concerning your company party. Just use our contact form and you will get a reply from us in no time.