Bustling activity on the corridors in front of the conference rooms. Short discussions inbetween the different presentations. A quick hello with partners and colleagues, you know from the last conference. Of course interesting speeches are part of every successful conference. As well as a fertile study group, where you can gather some valued insights. A conference can bring lots of postive results for every single participant. To achieve that, you will need some good organisation and an inspiring atmosphere.

We probably won´t be much help in organising the topics of your conference. But we are the right contact, when you think about the atmosphere of your event. Are you looking for a location for your conference in Berlin, your meeting, your skill enhancement or a bigger seminar? Have a look at the rooms of Kontrast. Here you will find a light and calm surrounding, that will make your event a success. We offer rooms in different sizes, where you will have the right frame as a lecturer or listener, to communicate or absorb topics and information. We deliver the up-to-date technic, you can use, to present your multimedia sheets or training videos. No matter, if you want to use our beamer or your own, we deliver the required equipment and connections.

To make a conference a successful event, you have to consider several aspects. A good preparation is as important as the right inner structure and the fitting participants. If the lecturers have to discuss interesting topics, then the conference will create great results.

Conference at Kontrast

The alive, yet relaxed atmosphere of Kontrast in Berlin has approved for many events. Here you can create the surroundung for intense study groups. It is easy to listen attentively in our event location in Berlin. Your audience can absorb without any distraction, what you want to share. Thus you will get good results for your conference. All the participants have enough room and silence, to take part actively and attentively.

You can easily reach Kontrast with your car. We supply a sufficient amount of parking lots - secure and guarded – for a large conference with several hundreds of participants. We are also conveniently located near two S-Bahn stations and thus can be quickly accessed with public transport.

At Kontrast you can be sure to have a successful conference. Get in contact with us and ask about possibilities for your event. If you already know, we are the right decision for your purpose, you can easily book here. We are looking forward to your visit.