The confirmation is a ceremonious blessing act in most Protestant churches. The blessing marks the passover into the ecclesiastic adulthood. The confirmation is therefore related to other similar festivities, that take the moment of entering into maturity as a cause, to celebrate this ceremonially. In Catholic churches for example there is the same ritus. And also the Jews have the Bar Mitzwa at age 14. In Muslim belief it is possible, to have a circumcision at a juvenile age. Last but not least the Jugendweihe in former eastern european countries is a symbolic celebration, held at the same age.

The Protestant confirmation is in contrary to the Catholic confirmation no sacrament. In former times the confirmation often took place at the same time the compulsory education ended. That meant, it became a civil ritual at the transfer to adulthood. This changed, when the school year ended in summer as well as by the prolonging of the compulsory education for most of the students.

The confirmation comes with a preparation program, that takes several months. In the confirmation class topics related to the Protestant belief are communicated. The memorization of bible verses and ecclesiastic songs as well as the prompting of the topics, that was popular in the past, lost meaning and decreases since the 1970s. Experiencing the church in its whole variety and understanding its meaning has become the main topic in the course of the confirmation tuition. That comes along with classic lectures, visits and internships as well as company in a phase of puberty.

Confirmation in Kontrast

The confirmation is a special occasion in the life of a young person. Take this opportunity, to clebrate a beautiful feast with friends and family und to mark the transfer into adulthood. In Kontrast you will find the perfect surrounding for this festivity as well as the suitable atmosphere. Arrange a date with us and have a look at our rooms. You will find something, that pleases you, certainly. Take a look at our prices and get in contact with us.


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