The annual company party is a fixpoint in every business year of a company. This event is a ritual in almost every corporation. Have a tasty dinner together, drink a glass of wine and have all the colleagues assembled. The meaning of such a corporate function may not be underestimated. For meeting the staff in a different environment can enable new discussions and lead to a different understanding about the firm.

Especially the longtime staff can look back to a long history. And new colleagues can get a glimpse of that history, when they have the chance to talk with older coworkers in a different setting at a corporate function. It is a good opportunity, to get to know the other guys better. You can for example meet all of the staff of a different department and have a talk with them. In the hectic day to day routine there is no possibility for a relaxed discussion too often.

Retrospect at a corporate function

It is important to pause for a moment now and then, to look back and let the events of the past year become clearer. At your corporate function you have this opportunity and maybe you should use it. That way all of your staff can get a deeper knowledge of your business and build a feeling of togetherness. At a company event everyone can share his story and have a look at what he has done for the business. Surely every colleague will be happy about his productivity.

A corporate function is also a chance, to thank all of your staff. An honest Thank You in fornt of all the personnel is the biggest motivation you can get. Every colleague will enjoy the personal address. Make good use of this opportunity at your corporate function, for your business relies on the commitment, your staff invests every day.

Your event at Kontrast

Kontrast in Berlin offers the perfect stage for your corporate function. Besides rooms in different sizes we also have good service and a wide variety of foods and drinks. Of course you will find the necessary equipment for all the addresses and speeches.

You will find us easily, either with your car or public transport. Have a look at our approach. Check out our contact form and we discuss all the detail with you. We are looking forward to your corporate function at Kontrast.



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