If two human beings love each other, at one point they will ask themselves, if they are going to marry. Classically this is the task of the man, who can ask his woman the unforgettable question: „Will you marry me?“ Well, in our modern times it is possible the other way round. Nowadays women can propose to their men. In the past you had to get the permission of the bride´s father. That permission is still welcome, but not necessary. Nevertheless it could help, to have a good relation to your father-in-law.

EngagementBefore marriage there is the engagement, when the couple promises each other, to marry themselves. This moment is special, for this promise reaches very far. The two lovers make a decision for their common future. That´ss why the engagement is a festivity of its own and gets celebrated separately. The exciting moment, when one proposes to the other, is an important moment in the mututal life of a loving couple. This beautiful arrangement should be celebrated, because there are not many moments, that are more romantic than that one.

Engagement at Kontrast

In the Kontrast Wedding Hall you will find the best conditions, to celebrate your engagement condignly. Enjoy this exciting moment and enjoy the anticipation to the wedding with your family and friends. Everybody can look forward to the close wedding together with the bridal couple.

We offer you our impressive ambience und famous service at Kontrast in Berlin. Just come to see our halls the next time, you are near our beautiful location. You can also have a look at our price list here right now. Don´t forget, at Kontrast Wedding Hall you can find the right rooms for your event, no matter how large your wedding party is going to be.

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