Are you looking for a location for your upcoming birthday? Do you need a new accomodation for your company party? Your wedding is pending and you haven´t found the right ambience? The search for a suitable location is not easy, because it has to meet all requirements. Not every event hall can fulfill different demands.

The event location Kontrast in Berlin does not only offer a hall for festivities, but several rooms and halls in different sizes. Our rooms are furnished stylishly and have elegant designs. It doesn´t matter, which feast you want to celebrate, at Kontrast you can find a huge hall for festivities of every kind. Kontrast is known for its service at wedding parties. We offer a stylish atmosphere and an attractive location for all occasions. We make a point of fulfilling all your wishes concerning the location.

Weddings to birthdays to parties

Wedding, company jubilee, baptism or a boisterous party: at Kontrast you will find the perfect basis for a beautiful feast. Our rooms are versatile and suit festivities mit few or lots of people. Our hall for festivities is available for every celebration, no matter if it is private or operational. We are looking to your birthday party, your baptism celebration, your engagement, a bachelor party or a jubilee. And of course your company party and conference will succeed in our event location with style.

Our hall for festivities has enough space for a glittering party with up to 6000 guests. Therefor we have flexible solutions and a diverse service offer, you can use individually and according to your desires. You can find tables, chairs and the suitable decoration in our hall for festivities. Our offer implies the food and the service by our staff, and also the music of a band or a dj.

We want to point you to the position of contrast, that is very easy to access with public transport. You can also reach our location with your own vehicle very easily and will find sufficient parking lots around Kontrast. If you want to party without regret, then just leave your car at home and use the S-Bahn. There are two S-Bahn stations right around the corner of Kontrast.

Have a look at our offer and get to know our convenient prices. Consider our special offers. We have discount prices on certain days. If your party is not bound on a certain day, you can really make a bargain at Kontrast. If we could convince you, it is easy to make a booking or reservation here. We are looking forward. And we will answer all your questions. Feel free to ask as here.


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