A wedding should be the most beautiful day in the life of a bridal couple and the invited guests should be able to enjoy this celebration without limitation. Of course, a wedding is an event, that has to be planned to every single detail. To organize that, means a lot of effort. If a couple wants to marry, they usually have no idea of all the things, they will have to think about. They will need some time and work, if they want to plan it properly. Better start early. For then, you will have enough time, to consider everything. Trust in your friends and family, who will certainly love to help you. Especially the parents have a major advance, when it´s about wedding parties. You may use that experience.

The team of the wedding hall Kontrast has celebrated a couple of weddings and is therefor able, to help with your festivity. We would like to take over some of your tasks before your wedding. Possibly we have some valuable tips for yyou, that could help by designing your wedding and attaining the desired result.

Kontrast Wedding Hall Berlin

Our wedding hall inside of our event location Kontrast in Berlin is very popular among bridal couples and gets booked from every medium up to huge events. We make sure, that your wedding society gets served to your whims and that the bride and groom can enjoy the most beautiful day easily. Our trained personal will offer full service und take care of your guests, as long as you want. We can support everything related to your celebration.

Of course we have the right kind of music to dance and the right kind of room for the exquisite wedding dinner and all the other activities. We deliver tasty food, just like you desire, and have a wide variety of drinks. You will experience all of that in a stylish ambience and tasteful decoration with music and dance. We can provide a dj or band for the party. If you want to bring your own artists, we provide the technical surrounding, the lighting or the stage, to help you make the celebration a success. It is important to us, that you feel comfortable in a convenient atmosphere.

Just ask us, tell us your desires and ideas und we can give you a great offer for your wedding. Take a look at our prices and gather some informations, about what we offer. Depending on your wishes and the size of your wedding, we can offer you several halls and different kinds of service. Just use our contact form.

We are looking forward to you and your guests already. We will give everything, we can, to make sure you have a unforgettable, beautiful festivity in our Kontrast wedding hall in Berlin.