How do you succeed in hosting a beautiful wedding? Have you ever been to a wedding, where everything just fitted together and where you could feel utterly comfortable as a guest? And don´t you know the other way round, when you could not enjoy the reception? Often it is only bits and bobs, that make the difference. One thing is for sure: a beautiful wedding needs an adequate preparation. Cause for a perfect wedding you need perfect organisation. We, the team of the wedding location Kontrast, have some experience in weddings. We want to share this experience, so that you can plan your wedding, as you like it.

Wedding Planner

In case you plan a big wedding, the assignment of a wedding planner can be helpful for your wedding preparations. Cause with a bigger wedding there are a lot of decisions to make. Often you won´t be able to do it by yourself, if you don´t want to prepare full time. In that case, it could make sense to ask a professional for help. The budgeting is of great relevance, for then you can decide what is possible and what is not possible beforehand. It can be uselful to visit wedding exhibitions, cause you get inspirations and ideas, you can implement. Of course, the choice of the suitable wedding location is crucial, if you plan a wedding. Nevertheless you can arrange your wedding alone, if you consider a couple of things.

The start of the planning one year before the weddings

In order to make sure the preparation of your wedding will be flawless, you should have enough time for the planning period. So, if you don´t have to hurry, you should begin your preparations one year in advance of your desired wedding date. At this point you should determine the bigger picture, that your wedding should be. This means, now is the right time, to define when and where you want to marry. Do you plan a civil or a ecclesiastic ceremony? One year before your wedding you can choose the date freely. That way you can determine the date of the civil ceremony or the church date as you want. That early you will have total freedom. That means, you have to discuss the dates with the respective authorities and let them confirm them. Surely the departments will inform you abput the required documents. This early moment of your preparation gives you enough space to obtain something, that´s missing. Part of the topic marriage is also, that you consider the best man and the marriage witness and to ask them, if they want to be yours.

Now is the time to create a first draft of the guestlist, too. Doing that you can think about, how big your wedding is going to be. Think about your budget, too. If you want to have a motto for the wedding, you should agree on it now. Furthermore you can start with occupying with the wedding location. A year up front you will get the desired date in most of the favourite locations. Think about early bird.

Six months prior to the wedding

Register your marriage ceremony at the registry office. In case you want to go for a ecclesiastic marriage, too, do the same at the church of your choice. Introduce yourself at the priest´s office. You should also make a reservation for the location of the reception after your wedding. That could mean to begin thinking about a possible catering, if it is not included at your desired location or if the included one is not, what you are looking for. Think about the wedding photographer and create the final guestlist. Have you done the guestlist, send everyone on it a save-the-date-message. Also start tinkering a beautiful invitation card order it at your locac print shop. If you need accommodations for your guests, now is the time to start and book some hotel rooms.

One of the more joyful things to do in the course of the preparation of the wedding is the planning of the honeymoon. Don´t forget, you need to make a request for the days off. Some employers will even give you special holidays for the honeymoon. You can also start the present wishlist. And the bride should begin looking for a bridal dress. Probably there will be some good friends, that want to help choosing.

Four months prior to the wedding

Slowly the bride should start and think about his suit for the wedding. If you are going for a church wedding, there will be a talk with the priest now. In preparation to your honeymoon you should also think about possible vaccinations and your passport. It has to be valid at the date of your honeymoon. You will also need to determine the menu for the reception. Discuss that with a chef, you trust. Don´t forget about the important accesoires for your marriage: the rings, the bouquet and further flowery decoration. Ask a florist and choose some beautiful rings at a jeweler. Now that you know all of the addresses of your guests, start sending the invitations. Check your wishlist again. Have you thought of something else? We think of something else: maybe you should apply for a dance course. You will be happy about it, when you do your wedding dance.

It could make sense to have a program for the kids under your guests. Maybe it is even necessary to have some professional assistance during the reception. If yes, you could already look for someone, you trust.

Two months before the wedding

Now is the time to think about your wedding hairdo. It souldn´t be too difficult for the groom. Whereas the bride can invest a little more time and thinking. It has approved for the bride to wear the complete look with make-up once before the wedding. Then you get the feeling, how long it will take to get ready. Presumably you want to look your best on the final day. You can also order the wedding cake and think about the decoration on the tables. Maybe the wedding location has some suggestions in that matter. You should take a good amount of time for the seating arrangements. Take care of the fact, that all your guests can be comfortable with their neighbours. After finishing these arrangements you can discuss it with the contact of your wedding location.

Wear your dress once again. If there is something to repair or fix, you still have enough time now. Wear your shoes at once, too. And get the rings from the jeweler.

You will need a detailed schedule for the wedding day. Think about it now. You should delegate several tasks to friends and family, You can only take care of few tasks yourself. Thus you should trust in the help of your environment. So make a list for the whole day, where all the appointments and dates are on in minutest details. Also you can add some caches here.

Two weeks prior to the wedding

The excitement rises, but you keep cool. Everything will work out. The groom has his hairstylist´s appointment now, so he will look smashing at the wedding. Have a last look at the seating arrangement. Have you regarded all the needs? Just for your own security you should have a talk with all the crafts you have assigned. Does the hairstylist approve the appointment? Does the pastry chef have the right specifications? Will the rented limo be really available?

On week prior to the wedding

So, you will have lots and lots of things to do this week. Let people help you. You won´t be able to do it all by yourself. Friends and family are welcome to join and help.

Now the guestlist should be final. Give the number of guests to your location and the hotel. Also, a massage cannot hurt. You should take every opportunity to relax.

The day before wedding day

Put out the clothes for the next day. Don´t forget about the rings and your papers. Bride and groom should discuss again the course of the next day. And you can also be happy already. Make sure, you have some handkerchiefs, just in case there will be a couple of tears.

The wedding day

From now on it is: just go with the flow. Make sure, you don´t make classic mistakes. You have the rings? Does the bride have her bouquet? Everything else will work out. And if not, it is not the world´s end. Let yourself be congratulated and ride the wave. We wish you good luck and all the best.

Wedding at Kontrast

Now we are in the game. The eventlocation Kontrast in Berlin offers several rooms in different sizes. So here you can find a suitable solution for your marriage. We like to provide advice, when you are in the midst of planning your wedding. In the comfortable atmosphere of our halls you can make your wedding a perfect festivity. Our package includes the halls, the technic, the service, the decoration and the fancy dinner. But you don´t have to book everything, you can only pick parts of it and arrange the rest yourself. We will support you with that as we can. The team of the wedding location Kontrast wants to help you plan your wedding and make your celebration the most beautiful day of your life.

Have a look at our prices and get in contact with us. We are looking forward!