A wedding is a very special festivity on a very special day. The bridal couple wants to spend this day together with the people, they love and appreciate. Sometimes it may be more beautiful, to host this celebration in a smaller scale and to invite only those people, that are really close. Not every wedding has to be a huge festivity. For just with a smaller company you can have a much more personal wedding ceremony. That way you really have the time and attention for each of the guests and are able to have a talk with them. That´s a luxury, you won´t find in bigger weddings.

A smaller wedding party is also interesting for couples, who don´t want to spend that much money for their marriage. Only on out of three weddings in Germany costs less than 5000 Euros. We are actually surprised about that, cause the Kontrast team wants offer all bridal couples a dreamlike and still inexpensive party. We believe, it is possible, You could have a look at our wedding cost calculator. Try and you will have an idea in a few minutes, about how much your wedding is going to cost. And please consider our convenient prices, while doing so. They will help, to not let the costs of your wedding rise to the sky.

The team of Kontrast would like to help you, to make your wedding to a beautiful celebration. This does not depend on the size of your wedding society. At Kontrast you can find aa suitable room for any amount of people. We have an exciting surrounding for your wedding and attend your party with our good service. We make sure, you have a tasteful decoration and a stylish atmosphere for your most beautiful wedding celebration. That counts especially for a smaller wedding, for that way our trained personal can take care of every single guest even more intensively.

A small wedding has many advantages. On the one hand the feast will be calmer and more contemplative. On the other hand many moments can be noticed more attentive and don´t get lost in the turbulence of a big party. All of the guests have more time for each other and themselves. It is something very beautiful, to be able to really experience the wedding ceremony of two people. Much too soon the wedding will be over. Think about a small wedding and consider having one.

Have a look at our different halls and convince yourself of our special ambience. Feel free to ask us and tell us your desires for the most besutiful day of your life. Just get in contact with us and gather some information about our prices and sizes fpr your small wedding in Kontrast in Berlin.