There are different reasons, to call a staff meeting. Some of them are pleasant, some are not. In any case the meeting should take place in an environment, where your staff can listen attentively. For surely you have something to tell, that your employees should find interesting. In order that your staff can listen and even participate actively, you as a host have to find the suitable frame for the staff meeting. That means you have to find a calm ambience, little disturbing influences and of course place to sit, think and breathe. 
Are you looking for an appropriate room or hall for your staff meeting? Do you need a certain size, to be able to gather all your colleagues? Then you will surely find something suitable at the event location Kontrast in Berlin. With our wide variety of rooms and halls for conferences and seminars in Berlin we certainly have the right answer to your requirements.

Kontrast has different rooms for your staff meeting. In contrast to other event locations we offer a calm environment aside the hectic stress of the big city. At the same time we are so close to the city, that all your employees can easily and quickly reach us - either with car or public transportation. We thereby give you the opportunity, to host your staff meeting in a comfortable ambience. For you can use the calmness of our halls for your event. No matter which message you want to give your staff: at Kontrast your personnel will have the possibility to contain the essence of your presentation. That means, that we provide all the technical equipment. Our multimedia equipment is easy to use and up to date. We will make sure, that you can be heard everywhere perfectly. 
We want to mention the capacity of our halls especially. At the event location Kontrast we can host up to 1000 of your employes in one hall. An assembly of that size can easily get unsettled. The calm atmosphere of Kontrast will spread over your staff meeting and the attentiveness of your employees. We make sure, that each and every one of your personnel can listen attentively and take part productively. Our experience with events of that size reaches from hige weddings to big company jubilees. That´s one reason, why the logistics for your event is no problem at all for us. We offe the adequate service for your staff meeting.

The good accessibilty of our location via public transport is an important aspect for many of our customers, when they host an event with us. Furthermore all the people, who come here with their own car, will find a place to park on our premises directly at our location. That´s another reason, why we can guarantee a smooth process of your event. 
The same is true for all other forms of assemblies. Our halls in Berlin are suitable for seminars, conferences, meetings and conventions. You can also host your jubilee at Kontrast or give a presentation and staff trainings. 

Take a look at our contact form and ask for our wide variety of offers. We would like to give you a tour through our conference halls, so you can get an impression of our premises. We provide all the requirements fo a successful event and are looking forward to your staff meeting at Kontrast. 

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