For every groom and bride there is the time, when he or she can go out „in freedom“ for the last time. This last evening on a weekend before the wedding shall be celebrated condignly. The close friends host a party for this occasion. Of course not only bachelors may party on this evening, but also bachelorettes. For it has become an event for all future wifes and their friends. The goodbye to being unwed can be one of the most boisterous parties, you can have. You don´t want to miss this evening, cause it is a fixpoint in the life of the bachelorette. On this traditional party evening the champagne will flow and the clothes drop. Everybody parties to the max.

The tradition of the stag party originates in the United States, where the bachelor´s party is a common part of every wedding. Meanwhile it has arrived from the American culture and it has become part of the schedule of a marriage even in Germany. You can spot the groups of funnily dressed people everywhere on the weekends, that walk through the streets and celebrate this event with the brides and grooms. Often the bachelor has to suffer a little during the evening, solve riddles, fulfill tasks, play funny games and last but not least drink a lot. It will be a happy, boozy evening.

For those, who want to spare the stress of walking around or avoid the danger of bad weather, will find the right place at Kontrast in Berlin to have a special stag party. We help in hosting this evening and can offer a special service to your group with the whole shebang. It starts with a limo service and goes to food and drinks in every detail. Of course you can play games, assign tasks and whatever you aim for at our location, that should not be missed at a stag party. Have your party with us at Kontrast in Berlin, celebrate the last evening in freedom and give your bachelor or bachelorette an unforgettable goodbye.

You can ask us here for our ideas. We are looking forward to your stag party.