The bride´s eyes are beaming already, when she is thinking about the day of her marriage. The groom is looking forward to the day of saying yes, too. Presumably both have already the greatest ideas for the reception after their marriage. They paint their wedding party in brightest colours. It has to be dreamlike and unique. You cannot keep a loving couple to dream of a wonderful wedding celebration. However such a ceremony can easily cost some Euros more, than you thought. Besides the organising and the effort an event like that takes, you should not forget about the costs, that will be generated. A wedding cost money. How much it will be, most couples don´t have an idea. Where should it come from, cause for the most bridal couples it is the first wedding, they are going to celerbate. (We hope, it is going to be the only one, too.) There can easily be rising costs, you have never even thought about. To have a rough idea of how expensive your own wedding can get, it is helpful, to have a wedding calculator at hands.

Wedding calculator for your wedding

For your marriage it could be worthwhile, to calculate the amount of costs with the help of a wedding planner or a wedding calculator. Depending on how many guests you will be awaiting, there is not only a lot of work waiting for you. Every guest will cost money. And depending on your desires, it can quite quickly become a pretty penny.

According to a recent study, every third couple invests more than 10000 Euros for their wedding in Germany. Another third of German couples pays more than 5000 Euros. That means, only one third of all the weddings costs less than 5000 Euros. To avoid unnecessary costs, couples should think about beforehand, which things are really important for their own wedding. So you should talk about, what is a MUST and what is a CAN.

If you are beginning to plan your wedding, you should start off with a list of the most important things. Should it be an ecclesiastic ceremony or just a civil one? Are you looking for a special location? Do you want an exclusive menu? These basic questions should be discussed and cleared. That way you will get a first overview over the costs. Make sure, to include a monetary cache. In the course of your preparations there will always be costs, you didn´t think of. With a cache you still have enough scope in those cases. An online wedding calculator can help you with the important questions.

Wedding a Kontrast

The team of the wedding location Kontrast would like to help you with the preparations of your marriage. If you are going to celebrate with us, you can get rid of the calculator, cause at our location yiu can choose between different halls at low cost rates. Our prices are especially interesting, cause we offer different rates at different days. Thus you can spare money with a wedding on weekdays. But also on weekends our halls are very convenient and offer a stylish ambience. In addition you can find the suitable size for your wedding at Kontrast, no matter how big or small it will be. A weddind calculator is not necessary anymore.

Our speciality are not only the halls. We are all well prepared for the decoration of the halls and the choice of foods. You will be positively surprised with the result. We care about your desires individually and will make your wedding reception to the festivity, that you wished for.

The team of the wedding location Kontrast is looking forward to your visit and your questions in our contact form.