Every bridal couple imagines the day of marriage in the brightest colours. The wedding shall be the perfect day. For the couple itself, but also for the guests, who shall experience a wonderful wedding, that they can remember for a long time. To make sur, that everything works out beautifully, a bridal couple has to mak many decisions. A very important decision is the question about the right wedding location.

Bridal couples, that want to get married in the capital, have an array of locations for their wedding. The romantic wedding in the country is as possible as the urban celebration of your marriage below the television tower in the middle of the city. Berlin can offer the right location for every desire. But it is just not possible, to have a look at every location for yourself. With that many venues the preselection would take too much time. Therefore many decisions have to be made, befor the couple can finally say yes. Which spot is the right one for your own wedding reception?

The answer to this question can only be given by the couple itself. We, the team of the eventlocation Kontrast, can help you answering. For at Kontrast in Berlin you do not only find a location, but several, that could be suitable for your wedding. At the wedding location Kontrast you can choose between six different rooms, that differ in size, atmosphere and outfit. Thus we can offer you a wide variety of different ideas for your wedding reception. Would you like a family dinner with delicious food in comfortable atmosphere? Or are you looking for a location for a glittering festivity with many guests? Maybe you plan a sommer wedding above the roofs of the city below the sky? At Kontrast you can have all that. It doesn´t matter, which hall you choose, we would like to offer you the perfect frame for the most beautiful day in your life.

Our wedding location can be tailored individually to your needs. You can use one or more of our rooms. In total Kontrast has space for up to 6000 guests, that can all celebrate with you. Though your guests and yourself enjoy the freedom to design everything almost without borders, for you can celebrate at our location, as you want. Through our great kknowledge with events of all kinds we know exactly, what needs to be done to make your festivity to a special expirience.

The location Kontrast1 on the groundfloor has enough space for up to 200 people. There is another, big hall for up to 5000 people on the first floor. On the second floor you will find Kontrast3, where up to 400 people can celebrate. The biggest hall of our eventlocation is Kontrast5. It is impressive in size and lavish architecture and the high ceiling. It can host up to 2000 people and is situated perfectly on the ground floor, too. For people with handicaps the venues on the groundfloor are especially easy to reach. But thanks to our elevator all the other halls are easily accessible, too.

A special treat is our hall Kontrast4, that enables you to party above the roofs of the city. You will find enough place for 400 people directly below our own roof. There is also the possibility to get on our rooftop terrace, where you can spend warm summer nights. It spans 1500 square meters and can contain almost as many people. If you want to know more about our halls, have a look at this section on this site.

Our location is furnished with everything including a stage. Our decoration experts arrange everything stylishly and according to your wishes. Of course you can get involved in that as much as you want.

We also would like to make suggestions for the menues, that have proven to be delicious at our wedding location. Our catering is tasty and famous. Of course we also offer you, to bring your own food, if you have special requirements.

Are you curious now? Have a look at our location and our halls and let yourself be convinced by the atmosphere in the wedding location Kontrast. Our prices are low-cost by the way. And we are easy to reach, just give us a note with our contact form.

We are looking forward to your visit.


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