Berlin is a city, where everything happens at the same time. Here everything is possible always. In our metropolis at the spree combines all the contradictions nonchalantly. If you cross the street in some areas, you can dive into another world. The variety in Berlin is impressive and is inspiring lots of people.

For all the loving couples, that want to marry, this means, they are utterly free in the arrangement of their wedding. Berlin offers every possibilty to couples wanting to get married. Here you can host every crazy wedding for real.

Presumably most of the couples don´t want no edgy wedding. They want a beautiful, classic festivity in an atmosphere, where everybody can feel comfortable.You don´t need too much for that. You don´t need no chichi or luxury, but a good ambience, the right kind of guests and a location, where everything is working out flawlessly. These are the basics, to have a wonderful, roamntic wedding.

We, the team of Kontrast in Berlin, let us be inspired by the weddings of our guests. We have hosted several great feasts and think, we know, what is essential. Thus we like to help you, giving your wedding reception a beautiful face. We delive the perfect frame for that in our wedding location in Berlin. You will find several rooms and halls, depending on how big your reception is going to be. At Kontrast you can have a huge festivity, as well as a smaller celebration. We have the know-how, the service and the technics for your party. Relax and enjoy your wedding reception in the midst of your family and friends. Your wedding celebration in Berlin is a wonderful opportunity to gather all of them and to share your joy with them. We take care of everything else.

We make sure, the ballroom is decorated and furnished stylishly and have different dancefloors ready for your celebration. Your guests shall feel comfortable and be able to celebrate boisterously. We would like to give your wedding some contrast, as it says in our name. At the same time we want to take care of your guests courteous and conservative. The bridal couple will be the center of attraction during the reception, but the well-being of your guests means a lot to us, too.

Depending on the size of your festivity, we offer different rooms and different service. Either you choose the wedding hall, the ballroom or one of our smaller rooms. They can host at least 250 people. And up to a 1000 people will fit in one of our larger halls. If your wedding party is going to be even bigger, you can easily combine two or more of our halls and therefore invite up to 6000 guests.

Take the opportunity, to have a look at the halls and enjoy the atmosphere. Also you should have a look at our prices and get in contact with us. We are looking forward to your wedding.