To plan a wedding is a honorable task. For you have to consider a lot. Make appointments and meet with people, plan procedures, get offers, make decisions. And don´t forget about the difficult questions about who is going to be invited and who is not. Last but not least a marriage will cost some money.

What does a marriage cost?

The anticipation for the wedding is rising on each day, that you tak a step on your way to the wedding. The celebration shall succeed and become the beautiful day for the bridal couple and the guests, that everyone is wishing for. But what costs will arise? What does a marriage cost by the way? To answer that question a wedding calculator can be helpful.

It could be worthwhile for your wedding, to calculate the costs once with the help of a wedding calculator. You will see in what range your wedding costs will be. Depending on how many guests you are inviting, there will not only be a lot of work for you. The catering of each guest costs some money, of course. Many bridal couples are surprised, when they learn, what it costs to marry. A wedding calculator can be a helpful tool and make a great basis for further steps.

Wedding at Kontrast

We at the wedding location Kontrast like to help you with your preparations of your wedding, too. Then you can forgo the wedding calculator easily, for at Kontrast you can choose between different rooms and do that at low-cost prices. Our prices are especially interesting, because they differ from day to day. That way you can spare money, if you decide to celebrate your marriage during the weekdays. But also on the weekends our halls are very cheap and still deliver a stylish ambience. Additionally at the wedding location Kontrast you can find the right size for your wedding. There is no need for wedding calculators anymore.

Not only the halls are our specialty. We are also well prepared with decorating, as well as with the choice of food. We are inexpensive, too. Just have a look at our prices. You will be surprised with the result. But that´s just one of the reasons, why many couples are satisfied with their marriage at Kontrast. We hope, they all felt comfortable in our halls and had a great celebration. Because that is, what we really are trying to achieve. We know about the importance of that day for you and your guests.

We want to take care of your wishes individually und make your wedding celebration that party, that you desired. We look forward to your visit and your questions in our contact form.